Monday, October 15, 2018

Hey The New You

Dear the new you.

You nowadays (not the one who I knew in our old days)


I stop calling you.

You'll be free as you wished.

No more me nor my disturbance.

I'll do anything on my own.

If I cant I'll try to ask someone else help.

No more you first.

I thought you'd be sad, if I was looking for someone else instead of you. But I guess I was wrong.

Then what if I miss you again, some other day?

I know I will, It happened all the time you faraway.

Maybe, I will just close my eyes and remember everytime you don't want me to be with you, how you push me away, how much you feel irritate when I try to get close to you.

Maybe, I'll just looking at my screen and smile when remember your name ever pop up so often in the old days.

It is hard for me to find my acceptance in the beginning. But day after day, you make me get used to.

One day, when we meet accidently, without I should so struggle to make it happen. I wish, that day, the one that I am so eager to be with is not you anymore.

So I can just walk pass by you with a warmth heart, and I still can smile to you sincerely.

The day when you realize the new me is not who I am today who still love you so dearly.

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