Friday, December 15, 2017

Do you feel sorry?

If you really feel sorry
You have to find me
The one who I just push away
from me as you wished

If not, then its your decision

You can still see me
But not the one who you knew

I do blame you this time

For "me loosing me".

Monday, December 11, 2017


I am started to afraid to saying anything any further to you

I dont know

It feels like I never say anything right

Feeeling, work, us

I keep doing anything wrong

Sometimes I think, am I really this stupid or am I look that stupid in front of you?

We will never mean to hurt each other

But I just cant find how to say or do something without make you feel bad

These days, I keep asking myself, why am I always have to explained anything

Am I really doing everything wrong?

Just like really everything?

You dont like my silent

My words neither

So what should I do?

Ah, aishh.

Am I talking too much? Again?

Is it windy

Should I be cold too?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

3am Percakapan2 di Kepala

I am scared
. I am here
What about tomorrow
. I cant, but you still can see me. I ll call you
I know. Thank you. But how about my 3am nitemare
1 claps claps 4 claps 6 7 8 9 10
you lost count,
it has no fun when you play alone,
you said 
1 sheep sheep 4 sheep 6 7 8 9 10
Why should it be unavailable
Because having 2 sleepless persons are not good. Let the other one safe and sound.
Can I not to go to office tomorrow? Can I not to go to anywhere?
Aku sedang tak ingin ramai
Tapi tak ingin sepi
Aku sedang menginginkan sepi
Tapi tak ingin sendiri
Aku sedang ingin sendiri
Tapi ingin kau disini
I see someone passing by my window seconds ago. But I know it is a hallucination. Because my thick curtain prevent me to seeing anything outside.
I hear something again from the outside
I am scared
And you re not here
And I cant see you
Sometimes, we should face our agony by ourselves.
Sometimes, we just cant
But are you not here?
Why dont you stay by my side everytime I am like this?
Why cant I said this words without getting your anger?
It so lonely
Inside me
But also crowded
By fear
Tok tok
*not answered*
Hey, how are you?
*still has no answered*

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Die in peace. Happy in chaos

Your words can kill me sometimes
Your silent is killing me too

But dont think about leaving

Your absent will kill me more

So let me life happily in chaos with you

Then die peacefully in your arms

Because in the end, I am with you

It always you

Sepi sekali

Sepi sekali.

Kursi sopir
6th Dec 17

Kau sedang tak ingin sepi
Tapi juga tak ingin ramai
Kata orang yang melihatmu

Kau juga ingin
Atau mungkin tidak ingin