Friday, March 8, 2019

You Okay

I was wrong to be worried from the very beginning

You look nice and okay

I have take a further road, why coming back, you don't even take a glance over me

And I guess your concern has nothing to do with me

I should not been worried

I am sorry for thinking too much again, thinking about you

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I lied

I have a very high fever once I got home,

How could I even endure my spinning head since morning?

My mom asked me if I was okay because I keep touching my head in our family vidcall. But I just said I was okay.


Such a liar.

I stop asking for people help, I was tired being such a burden that I often seeing in their eyes.


I started to love this space like the past time.

They may think I am lonely, but I wont care anymore.

I thought they were really care at first but not, maybe they were just curious. That's all.

Once I told them anything and show my fragile side, they drifted away.

That's when I decide to stop open my door.

I come back home so fast as soon as the class dismissed. And never going anywhere anymore.

I stop press the number for a long talk no matter how much the silent in my room kills me.

I pick up my pieces once again. A baby step, but that's okay. Its itching but I get used to.

Saturday, March 2, 2019